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Big Energy Candle Co.

Big Energy Candle Co, is a the sister company to VSPOTFW that specializes in curating vegan unique and inviting candle scents that uplift and empower your mood and sacred space, it is built on the idea that ancient techniques for calming the spirit can be applied to the modern lifestyle. That’s why our ingredients are natural and our products are made by hand. You’re sure to find something you love.

The Vision

It’s no secret that, as humans, our sense of smell is inextricably linked to our centers of emotion, nostalgia and wellness. Thus, every aroma designed at B.E.C.C is inspired by moving experiences, from childhood memories to travel with loved ones. Our diverse sources of inspiration allow us to cater to your needs. While some of our products provide an energy boost, others contain soothing scents to help you wind down after a taxing day.

The Process 

Each process in our candle making is well thought out from the catchy names to the fragrance oil or healing stones and botanicals that we pair with each candle. Many may wonder the process in how we name our candles, and I wish I had a profound reason lol but it’s simple, as a free spirit and a believer that laughter is the best medicine they are a combination of memories and shit I find funny! 

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