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Your Yoni Happiness

Many have come to believe that their Happiness is the responsibility of others and that a person controls if they feel happy or not, well I am here to tell you that your happiness comes from deep within, as women, we hold our creativity and self-love within our Yoni I know that sounds far fetched, but we often times forget that we are the only ones truly in control of our happiness. You have to change your way of thinking completely and set your intentions to be and remain happy no matter what challenges you face, You have to find time for yourself and practice self-love, I personally have decided that I would not worry myself with what others think and believe, I only concern myself with removing negativity and finding a peaceful state of mind. I think of the times of being pregnant and not wanting anything to harm the baby and that is how I remain happy because as a carrying mother you are glowing and only concerned with the baby and self. Meditation is key to your Yoni happiness, seems easy right? well think again as a mother, wife, and productive citizen it is hard to find quiet time for self and just take a deep breath. and clear your mind. It is better to meditate when the house is empty or do as I do and take a drive all alone and when you come to your destination whether it be Wal-Mart or the dollar store park your car and turn the music up just enough to drown out all the outside distractions close your eyes take 1 deep breath and then return to your natural breathing and relax your mind and body and with your intentions set to get a little me time!

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