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Learning my Womb Story Part 1

Womb Story Part 1 I never considered how Powerful the womb is, it was only during my 3 pregnancies that I even paid much attention to it and that was due to the rapid change my body went through. I remember as a young woman my father saying that your life is hanging by a thread during pregnancy and delivery, kind of scared me being that I was pregnant for the second time after a miscarriage. I also remember my mother telling me on many occasions that she intentionally got pregnant with me which means even though she didn’t raise me, she did want me!! I am still searching for her state of mind before during and after, her pregnancy. I could never understand how a mother could not have an overabundance of love for their child regardless of the changes that they put you through. I knew that although from the age of 10 my mother wasn't in my life she loved me, and my battle with cancer proved that because she was there at every surgery and every major appointment, and the look on her face told a story of a once lost mother that was very desperate to be there for her child. We have our differences as all do but we are on a path that looks bright.

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