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It is more than Herbs in a Pot

Well, I never in a million years thought I would be living in my purpose I truly wondered for many years what am I here for! I had been in one dead-in job after the other one bad relationship after the other and spent many restless nights asking God what is my purpose until I ran across Yoni Steaming! After my first steam, I felt relaxed but most of all I felt empowered as if I had tapped into a part of myself that I never knew existed. I had to know more I wanted other women to know about this and I began to tell everyone in my circle, I told my significant other that I needed to get involved and that is when my journey began, I truly thought to become a Yoni Steam Practitioner was just learning the herbs to put in a pot but I found that its way deeper than that. During this process, I bonded with complete strangers and was a part of something even more magical my first sister circle at least I thought but as the days came and went I realized I had always had sister circles just never appreciated it. I challenge you to change your way of thinking and believe that what is for you is just that (FOR YOU)!

Peace and Blessings

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