Naivety about Endometriosis


Client after client over the last 3 years I have listened to them tell me they have Endometriosis, (they were being modest).

I do have to say that after Yoni Steaming they reported back their periods were a lot better, including the symptoms, however, I was naive to what many women were actually going through, in fact often times I felt like some of the procedures they had undergone could have been avoided simply by blending the right herbs. Shame on me, for not being more compassionate and educated on the terrible effects of endometriosis.

When they say invisible, they mean it. Looking pregnant when you're over 40 and your tubes are tied, or not being able to fit clothes you bought a week ago because you are so bloated you look 6 months pregnant is torture. You can forget about any Hot Girl Summer!

What I realized is that these WARRIORS needed relief as fast as they could get it, and the universe put me in their shoes for a reason, I originally thought this goes against everything I am teaching, I was devastated, ready to throw in the towel. I prayed and meditated on it for over a month and it finally hit me, your journey has never been easy but you stayed the course, Chrystal you never gave a shit about what people think so why start now, you are built for this chick (me hyping myself up).

I can honestly say if you do not have endometriosis you have no clue the nonstop misery a person is in.

I say all that to say this, never let anyone shame you for combining Western and Holistic medicine approaches. Never suffer in silence, do what you feel is best for you and your situation. To all my fellow ENDO WARRIORS I love yall we got this!