Dig Deep! It may not be you.


Namaste, my Queens!

I come bringing great energy and love to all who read! Ladies, I felt it necessary we address the elephant in the room, and that is Vaginal Dryness & low libido this feels so much like Déjà vu, like I have talked about this a lot, however I want to break this down because the one thing I hear from so many women is they deal with Vaginal Dryness and simply do not want to have sex.

Many women have become depended on Lubricants, and I completely understand, there are women of all ages who have legit concerns, but I challenge you to DIG DEEP and ask yourself is it, you ladies? For many of us, our bodies have done some changing and this issue has become something we have to face head-on, but let’s go back to the Digging deep.

Stop being so hard on yourself and ask yourself some real questions.

-Are you really into the person your being intimate with?

-When you masturbate do you experience dryness?

-Are you even in the mood or feeling pressured?

-Are you tired physically and emotionally?

- Have you and bae been getting along?

These are real questions, many of you can relate to at least 2, men will put so much pressure on you to put out that it makes you feel like it is a chore, they will have you thinking that all of their friends are getting plenty. (lies they aren’t getting any action LOL)

Society will have you believe that something is wrong with you because most women are afraid to even admit they answered yes to a couple of these questions, and most articles don’t even mention your lifestyle being a concern for many of your feminine issues (IE: Diet, not enough water, too much sugar, and not enough rest) mainly because they want you to buy into this early menopause you need a Pill BS.

Please do not believe that I am saying that there are women out there that genuinely aren’t having a struggle and have for a long time but sometimes we have to be completely honest and say, hell when I am in here handling my scandal (masturbating) she (insert what you call your Vagina) is super juicy, but when bae and I (you 2 been beefing for months) get intimate its dry, never mind you roll your eyes the moment he touches you. The fact that you are masturbating says it is not you, it also says your horny and seems like your libido is working fine.

I am making light of this situation to make the conversation easier to have and shed some light onto such a dark topic, but it is no joking matter this can have a major effect on a woman’s self-esteem.

I say all of the above to say this STOP being so hard on yourself and DIG DEEP!

Yours Truly, Chrystal